Seventh GOM3 User Conference

The 2012 User Conference was held October 17, 2012 at Anadarko's offices in The Woodlands. We are very grateful to our hosts and to Bill Enyart for his presentation at the conference. We're also grateful to all of this year's attendees, especially for the helpful input. Below are links to all of the presentations of the 2012 conference.

Earth Science Associates:

John D. Grace - Introduction

Tony Dupont - GOM3 Additions of the Past Year

John D. Grace - Geostatistical Prediction of Pore Pressure in GOM

Tony Dupont - The GOM3 Outlook

John D. Grace - New Decline Curve Tool for GOM3/GOMsmart and "Forgotten Oil & Gas Study"

User Presentation:

Bill Enyart (Galvez Energy) - GOM3: An Essential Tool for Galvez Energy's Business Strategy in the Gulf of Mexico